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Basement Jam – Paul Cut, Joss Moog


Artist : Paul Cut, Joss Moog

Title : Basement Jam

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR010 / PRDIG018

Release date : February 22nd, 2016

Style : House

Tracks :

A1. Basement Jam (4:45)
A2. Is It (6:30)
A3. Else (4:46)
B1. About That (6:17)
B2: About That - Joss Moog Remix (6:54)





Discover Paul Cut :

In love with Jazz and everything it gave birth to, Paul Cut seeks to maintain a long-standing tradition by merging it with House music. Whether by sampling tracks in the studio or playing keyboards on stage, his sole purpose is the Groove.

Paul Cut had his two very first releases on parisian labels : The Joy EP with Ondulé Recordings, held by Joss Moog and Around7, and Serious Intentions EP as keyboardist for the D.ko Records’ live band, Secret Value Orchestra.

Popcorn began its vinyl releases four years ago with dj and producer Lowris. New comer at that time, he has since then become famous resident of Concrete Paris Parties and a recognized producer. It is therefore naturally that the 10 th release will be devoted to a newcomer, the young and talented Paul Cut and his Basement Jam EP.


Raresh – “Play It Again Edit all the way!! As always, pure bliss from Chez! Thanks a lot guys.”
Willie Graff – “Congratulations on the release! Nice tracks all around. « Play It Again Edit » and « Rex Club Paris » mixes are my picks. Look forward to hearing the other mixes on Balance too..”
Brett Johnson – “Damn, hard to pick a favourite! All good for their own reasons!! Something for all occasions!”
Sebo K – “Really cool Rex Club Paris version from Chez Damier!! I’ll be playing!”
Jacques Renault – “This is a killer release, especially the Club Mix. Will be playing this!”
Luca Bacchetti – “Such a classy release from the guys. I LOVE it all!! Playing.”
Johnjon – (Suol) – “Every single mix on here is great!! Club Mix for me!”
Catz ‘n Dogz (Voitek) – “This is a really cool release guys.. The Original mix is cool, will definitely be playing!”
Kiki – “The Speechless Club mix and Chez’s Rex Club Paris mix are both sounding SUPER!!”
Jimpster – “Great release here!! Really into the original mix guys… I’ll be trying this!”
Joel Alter – “Nice release! I like the original and very much the Rex Club Mix. Master of style!!”
Till von Sein – “The Club edit is dope and that Play It Again Edit is pure butter!! Love those solos…”
Rainer Trueby – “Oh yeah! This is such a tasty release!! The original and Chez’s Rex Club Paris mix. Playing!”
Huxley – “NICE release Popcorn!! Rex Club Paris from Chez is definitely the standout.”
Pezzner – “Very nice package here. The original and the Rex Club versions go straight into the DJ Bag!!”
Satoshi Tomiie – “The original mix is the one for me here, loving this bossa nova beats turning into proper house beats with nice rhodes action. Nice!”
Trickski (Yannick) – “FFFFFUCK!!! This is so HUGE that my dick is getting jealous!!!! Love all the mixes and will play them tonight!”
Thaddeus Herrmann – (Radio Fritz, Germany) – “This is great ep!! Will be playing some of these on my show.”
Dave Pianka – (igetrvng) – “The Club mix is a creeper. Great way to get it going. Love it!!”
Tom Breu – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Great track, especially in its original mix!”
AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Really dig the mood on this release. Will be playing the original a lot!”
Bramus D – (Delta FM, Argentina) – “Great job from all involved on this one!!”
Tsugi Magazine, France – “Original is perfectly smooth… thank you so much.”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “WOWWW!! TOP Release!!!”
Andrew W – (Pulse Radio, Australia) – “Chez Damier is such a legend, and this show why. Will review this!”
Andy Daniel – (Defected A&R) – “Anything from Chez is pretty much as good as it gets. Love this!”