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La Sorbonne EP by Mirco Violi and Hooved - Including Daso's Remix


Artist : Mirco Violi and Hooved

Title : La Sorbonne

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR003 / PRDIG007

Release date : September 17th, 2012

Style : Deep House

Tracks :

A. La Sorbonne(Original Mix)
B. La Sorbonne (Varoslav Mix)
C. La Defense(Daso Remix)
D. La Defense (Original Mix)
Digital. La defense (Playrec Remix)


Picture by © Guillaume de Conihout





Discover Mirco Violi and Hooved :

Popcorn Records is proud to present the collaboration between Mirco Violi and Hooved, for his seventh release. These two talented Italians artists from Milan offers us a rich La Sorbonne EP with atmospheric beats as well as deep sounds and mysterious vocals.

With the main track La Sorbonne, the Italian duo drops an original Deep house theme. Synth tones and groovy aerial sounds will transport you into an intersidereal space. Rue de Plaisance’s boss and respected French producer, Varoslav unleashes an experimental remix with a hypnotic deep theme sprinkled with acid touch on the vocals and heavy bass.

On the B-side of the vinyl, Mirco Violi and Hooved take us to La Defense. This little bomb coming from Italy carries you into a deep house odyssey. A profound bass mixed with a languorous voice that will make you sweat this summer. Daso, the talented producer and special friend of the label, signs a beautiful remix. A warm bass is mixed to the classy melodic loops of the original track.

The duo Playrec, aka Rafael Murillo and Vincent Vidal, gives us an amazing interpretation of la Defense, in a digital exclusive song. This techno minimal theme makes you dive into a sensual and captivating atmosphere with a loud beat that unfolds itself closely with the erotic whispers.

Nuno dos Santos – (Trouw) – “Playrec remix is my fav here! Bounce Bounce Bounce. Love it!”
AFFKT – “This is a really great EP! Really feeling the Playrec Remix!! Thanks.”
Behrouz – “What a great package of music, actually liking everything here. thx
Anthony Collins – “Yeah pretty nice overall ep. The Daso & Kareem remix is probably my fave. Support!”
Brett Johnson – “Varoslav’s mix is very very VERY nice!! Big support from me on that! Thanks.”
Maya Jane Coles – “WOW!! Loving this release so much! Daso & Kareem mix is fantastic!!”
Okain – “Varoslav and Playrec are my picks here! Really nice rework. Also there is a beautiful vibe all around this ep. Nice!”
Jozif – “Now this is lovely sounding EP. LA Defense is bloomin’ gorgeous!!”
Chopstick – “Here at Suol we have a running gag about popcorn (thats why our banner on fb is us with a human sized bag of popcorn) and funny enough there is a label called Popcorn.. and i am not surprised.. really good shit!!! Daso’s remix is the one for me.. La Sorbonne is also solid as hell.”
Michel de hey – “Excellent stuff!! The orig has such a cool atmosphere! Varoslav remix is solid as well… strong release!”
Layo – “Really into Varoslav’s work, production and label, like Daso and Kareem’s bassy mix too and Playrec … yup great set of mixes for me!”
Ray Okpara – “Varoslav rmx is really really cool… I can see myself playing this!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Deep and cool mix from Playrec!!”
Makossa – (Radio fm4 Vienna) – “ Solid deep stuff. La Sorbonne for me.”
Laurent N. – (Nice Radio France) – “Nice release & great stuff by the artists.
All is good for me. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!”
Anticlimax – (Radio Grenouille France) – “Love this kind of house, true house all the way, thx Daso for a wonderful remix and Varoslav for having a blast on his remix!”
Kristian Molnar – (Christillization Radio Serbia) – “Cool pack, Daso & Kareem remix is very strong! Will play it, thanks for sending!”
De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Nice set of mixes again from Popcorn. Thanks.”
Marcus Barnes – (RA/Ibiza Voice/Independent) – “Tight little package… good stuff. La Defense is right up my street.”