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Mihai Popoviciu, Sortable Ep Including D’Julz Remix


Artist : Mihai Popoviciu, D’Julz Remix

Title : Sortable Ep

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR005 / PRDIG010

Release date : March 25th, 2013

Style : Deep House

Tracks :

A1. Sortable (Original Mix)
A2. Sortable (D'Julz Remix)
B. Schub (Original Mix)


Picture by © Victor Molkhou





Discover Mihai Popoviciu :

Mihai Popoviciu joined the team for the fifth vinyl release of the Popcorn Records’ fabric. From Sibiu, Romania, Mihai is known and respected as a major producer, being part of the Highgrade family, and freshly signed on Poker Flat Recordings.

We begin this record with Sortable, evolving with a deep vibe around a subtle patch that conveys you in weightlessness. The whole theme is sprinkled with a synth that unconsciously reminds you the cue of a famous pink comic of your childhood… D’Julz (Bass Culture, Circus Company) have been seduced by this original track, and gave us a great rework by using all the elements in a total different way, focusing on the drum’s effects.

On the B face, Blur close this records with melodic patches and slight strings flying around a deep bass for a perfect summer result.

Franck Roger – “Its gonna be Sortable my sets.. nice track for me. Support!”
Sergio Munoz – (Fur Coat/Delete) – “Gonna try Sortable in my sets. Really liking the groove and melodies.”
Tiefschwarz (Ali) – “Now this is a great release! I’m liking every track on here.. a LOT!”
Diesel (X-Press 2) – “Great package all round. X-Press 2 will be supporting at both club and radio… Big!!! All 3 cuts!!!!!”
Anthony Collins – “Oh yes, this D’Julz remix is super nice!! Will play.”
Gerd – “Nice tracks. Blur is a cool atmospheric track. Love it. My man D’Julz delivering one of his best remixes to date in my humble opinion. Very good mesmerizing stomper!”
Behrouz – “Nice, liking both Blur for deep moments and Sortable D’Julz rmx for peak time.”
Alix Alvarez – “This is a dope release! Digging the whole package overall but Sortable really does standout.”
Huxley – “D’Julz rmx and Blur are the standout tracks here. Perfect for different nights.”
Danny Howells – “Utter goodness in the original mixes whilst the ever reliable D’Julz adds his magic as always .. great stuff!”
Luke Solomon – “Loving both of the mixes of Sortable.. a great and thoughtful contrast.”
Anja Schneider – “This is a really nice release! The Original and D’Julz mixes are super cool!”
Luca Bacchetti – “Both tracks are great!!! But the D’Julz remix! What a groove! YES!”
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – “YES.. This release is ACE!! Looking forward to playing Blur.”
Reboot – “Nice! The D’Julz remix is a BOMB!!
Toni Moreno – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Nice!!! Full support on IGR!!”
Juan – (Defected Radio) – “Real nice deep vibes, feeling this…”
Ric (Sceen.FM, Berlin, Germany) – “This is wonderful, I love it! Blur my fav.”
Laurent N – (Nice Radio, France) – “Great release with 2 top Original tracks by Mihai Popoviciu (one of the best producer 2012-2013, for me). And a great stuff too by D’Julz with his remix. Will play this release & FULL SUPPORT!!!”
Attrnag – (RTE RnaG, Ireland) – “All about the organ…”
Debug Magazine, Germany – “Considering for review.”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “WOW! Superb remix from Mr Julz!”
Alex – (Faze Magazine, Germany) – “Here comes the summer… Very nice release!!”