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Martin Patino – Solid Ground EP – Including Pezzner Remix


Artist : Martin Patiño, Astrid, Pezzner Remix

Title : Solid Ground Ep

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR006 / PRDIG012

Release date : December 15th, 2013

Style : Deep House

Tracks :

A1. Solid Ground feat. Astrid (Original Mix)
A2. Solid Ground feat. Astrid (Pezzner Remix)
B. Routinary Coffes (Original Mix)


Picture by © Guillaume de Conihout





Discover Martin Patiño :

After a remix for Daso’s So Sexy last year, the German-Peruvian artist Martin Patiño confirms his presence on Popcorn Records with an entire EP.

To begin with, Solid Ground is born from the collaboration with Astrid. We already heard them on the great Hunter EP on Cadenza at the beginning of the year. The result of this new featuring is an original techno track with all the good components you expect from TR707 drums to a xylophone melody, in addition to the sexy and reassuring voice of Astrid.
The American Pezzner honored us with a particular interpretation. A deep theme, with percussions, long and subtle panpipes breathe. As if Pezzner was paying tribute to Martin’s Patino’s roots.

Finally, Routinary Coffes comes to conclude this warm and deep record done for the sweating parties of the upcoming winter.

Okain – “Solid ground is a great tune. I am more and more difficult with vocals but Astrid voice goes perfectly with that beat. Support for this promising French label.”
Trickski (Yannick) – “Aaaaaaaaand… It’s Mr. Pezzner for the win… As usual! ”
Breach – “The Pezzner remix is SO DOPE!!! I LOVE IT!! Playing!”
Smokin’ Jo – “LOVE THIS… Astrid’s vocals are dead cool… Will play this loads!”
Luke Solomon – “OH Vocals!!! A rare occurrence in these modern times of dance music… Love the whole package!”
Michel de Hey – “Really like Mr. Patino.. Always cool stuff from him. I LOVE the original fo Solid Ground!”
Chopstick – (Suol) – “Both mixes od Solid Ground are great for me… I’m loving the vocals from Astrid!”
Michael Reinboth – (On 3 Radio / Compost, Germany) – “It’s a surprise tune or sure, a grower. Very tasty and slick. Support!”
Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Diggin’ the deep groove and seductive vox of the title cut!”
Sergio – (Beatburguer, Spain) – “Amazing groove on Solid Ground!!”
Joe – (DJ Magazine, UK) – “Love the muted menace of the Pezzner remix!!”
Waifs & Strays (Amos) – “This is great – love the beats and the bassline on the original – really cool.”
Matthias Vogt – “Peeeeezzzzzzzzneeeeeeeeer! What a remix treatment this is – 6 stars out of five. Crazy good.”
Mano Le Tough – “The Pezzner remix sounds good to me… Will be trying this out.”
Brett Johnson – “The Pezzner remix is great, as you would expect ”
Hector Romero – “Orig & Pezzner mixes are on point -really feeling the vocal. Full support.”
Satoshi Tomiie – “Feeling Solid Ground’s classic vibe, Pezzner Remix surely works in my set as well.”
Fred Everything – “Nice original from Martin and the Pezzner remix is beautiful, as usual!”
Jimpster – “Oh yes, great release from Martin! Solid Ground is lovely. plenty of space and I’m sure will sound lush on a big system. The Pezzner mix is killer too. My fave thing from Dave in a while!”
AFFKT – “Martin Patiño and Pezzner… always superb!”
LTJ Bukem – “Loving both Solid Ground mixes, Its actually hard to choose a favourite!”
Shadow Child – “Love Pezzner’s remix… Some action coming on my Rinse FM show I think!”
Phonique – “Good ruff house from Pezzner.. Will support!”
DJ Ralf – “Great song, great voice. We need more releases like this!”
Jozif – “Solid ground and Routinary Coffes are absolutely great!!! Love ‘em both.”
Dan Curtin – “Everything on here is sounding good. Pezzner is perhaps the best for me, but all nice!!”
Huxley – “Very nice release. Especially into the Pezzner remix. Big for my warm up!”
Manik – “Nice release here. Dig Pezzners and original. Both can rock it at different slots of the night/day.”
Maxxi Soundsystem – “Pezzner mix is as expected… Unexpected and so beautifully made ”
Joris Voorn – “Pezzner’s remix is ROCKING! Great production again…”
Diesel (X-Press 2 / MoS Radio) – “Oh WOW!! This is awesome!!! Pezzner remix is the best mix of Solid Ground but I LOVE Routinary Coffes!!!”
Shir Khan – (Radio Fritz, Germany) – “SUPER GREAT!! Will be playing this on air.”
Christilization Radio, Serbia – “Nice feeling on both tracks from Martin. Pezzner remix is cool also, thanks!”
Larse – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Pezzner remix is the standout or me! I like it a lot.”
Sound From The Basement – (Radio NRJ, Beirut) – “Beautiful. Will play both versions of solid ground and feature Pezzner remix in next week’s show.”
Tom Breu – (Klubbing, WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Pezzner remix & Routinary Caffes are both for me!”
AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Justin the doctor ordered!! 10/10 release!”
Debug Magazine, Germany – “Considering for review.”
Mash – (Mixmag) – “Lovely, classy stuff! The Pezzner mix is stunning!”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “Amazing tracks here! A top release, no doubt!”
Ben A – (DJ Magazine, UK) – “This is a really nice release. I like both of the originals a lot.”
Andy Daniel – (Defected A&R) – “Solid Ground is amazing, the Pezzner remix is amazing. The whole release is amazing.”