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Train To Cologne by Hufschlag & Braun – Including CoMa’s remix


Artist : Hufschlag & Braun

Title : Train To Cologne

Format : Digital

Cat.No : PRDIG006

Release date : April 30th, 2012

Style : Deep House / Techno

Tracks :

A. Train to Cologne (Original Mix)
B. Train to Cologne (CoMa Mix)
C. Notre Dame (Original Mix)
D. Petit Prince (Original Mix)



Discover Hufschlag & Braun :

Popcorn is proud to announce this 6th release with two new artists, Carlos Hufschlag and Patrick Braun, born in a little village near to Cologne. They discovered Electronic music only two years ago and they are already considered as confirmed and matured producers, a talent that Popcorn label is proud to introduce you today.
Train to cologne, the head title here, is a piece of deep house, which disconnects you from reality. These few minutes will for sure take you on an interstellar trip. The remix is made by CoMa, German artists known for their released on Kompakt. They reveal a pop-electro/techno song with nice ramp- ups and a cosmic touch.
Notre Dame is a tribute to Paris, Hufschlag & Braun’s vision of Paris. This deep house theme is a sweet taste of summer. The lead piano brings a romantic vibe. Then comes the bass guitar follow by a melancholic theme.
Finally, Petit Prince shows another facet of Hufschlag & Braun’s work. Heavy Bass, deep theme, will transport you in a soothing atmosphere.
So one word: enjoy the trip in our train to Cologne.


Ivan Smagghe – « Train To Cologne is a GREAT record!! ☺”
Pezzner – « What a beautiful release!! Really into all of these tunes. »
Nico Lahs – « Notre Dame is just EPIC!!! Great record!!”
jozif – « Yummy! Notre Dame is defo the one for me to play but these are all lovely jubberly. Thanx. »
Danny Howells – « All four sound really interesting but Le Petit Prince grabs me most – will definitely try this out. »
Luca Bacchetti – « Notre Dame is such a beautiful trip.. so romantic. A great record with a deep cover too. Thanks . »
Dairmount – (Room With A View) – « Contemplative House Music that makes your Spring feel more intense. CoMa’s version is the one I feel the most… »
Pawas – « Notre Dame is really SUPER!! Great EP.. »
Steve Mac – « Notre Dame is WICKED!!! Will rinse this! »
AFFKT – « Really nice and emotive music here! Will play all of the originals. »
J.Phlip – « Notre Dame just made me do dances all around my living room! »
Lee Burridge – « LOVE Train To Cologne… So SMOOOOTH!! »
Oliver Schories – « Absolutely great EP and Le Petit Prince is a fantastic track. Thank you! »
Ewan Pearson – « I REALLY like the original version of Train to Cologne!! Will play! »
Zoë Xenia – « Lovin’ the CoMa Remix.. a LOT!! Thanks ☺ »
Tokyo Black Star – « Great feel good warm sound EP! The discofied Notre Dame and Le Petit Prince are my faves. Full support! »
Stephan Hinz – (SWR DASDING Germany) – « Very nice ep. Will play something out of it in the radio show for sure. »
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – « Train to Cologne is fantastic!!! Amazing music for my Morning Sounds Radio Show on Ibiza Global Radio. Full support. »
Lukas – (Raveline Magazine) – « Couch-Surfing! »
Marcus Barnes – (The Independent) – « Sublime music!! »
Helen S – (Pulse Radio) – « Pretttyyyy tracks! Not sure I’ve heard of these guys, could we get a mix from them? »
Club Madnezz Radio Holland – « Notre Dame needs a vocal. Pure popmusic!!!!! »
Tom Breu – (Radio WDR 1LIVE Germany) – « Notre Dame’s nice and chilled.. i like!! »
Laurent N. – (Nice Radio France) – « Ace!!! Tracks are really beautiful : Love them. Soon on Air for sure. Will play & ALL MY SUPPORT!!! »
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – « Notre Dame is nice..Thanks for the music. Support. »
Colin Perkins – (Spin 1038 Dublin) – « Beautiful music! Notre Dame stands out. »
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – « Train to Cologne original is very nice! Total Support. »
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – « Nice ones! Lovely collection of moody , timeless House numbers – Petite Prince is my fave with its building rhythm and deep atmosphere. »
Sergio B – ( – « Label very interesting. Delicious music! I like all but CoMa remix has something special. »
Tim Sweeney – ( – « Great release!! Train to Cologne is my fave. » – « Notre Dame is very cool! »
Andy – (Raveline Magazine Germany) – « Beautiful way back to Cologne ☺ romantic, warm sound… »
Ben – (Data Transmission) – « Notre Dame is sublime… lovely. DT Round-Up support. »
Paul Corey – (Resident Advisor) – « Nice stuff, reigns in the high end and doesn’t sound overblown. Still reminds me of Border Community though. »
Tsugi Magazine France – « Coool ep. »