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All My People by Daso – Including Martin Patino’s remix


Artist : Daso

Title : All My People

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR002

Release date : February 20th, 2012

Style : House / Deep House

Tracks :

A1. All my people (Original Mix)
B1. Dan Lyke (Original Mix)
A2. So Sexy (Original Mix)
B2. So Sexy (Martin patino Remix)
D. All My People (French No Limit)





Discover Daso :

“Music and love are the most important things in my life, and this message I want to spread through my songs. Love not only to people but to all kind of beings and things.” – Daso
The Popcorn machine is proud to announce its fifth outing with his German and romantic friend Daso. Being one of the most talented producer in the recent electronic music circus, Daso released on labels such as Connaisseur, Flash Records, Spectral Sound and more. His tracks are played by many prominent DJs and can be found on countless compilations.
The head title here, All my people gathers a collection of generous and warm house sounds sprinkled with techno sonorities. This emotional track abruptly and unexpectedly changes into a truly Techno hymn. As a gift and exclusively in digital version, Daso offers us an alternate house version of All my people.
In Dan Lyke the second original of this opus, Daso seduces us with his ever so particular “Pop approach”. A fast and warm rock’n roll bass, techno drops and wide ping-pong vocals are distilled for an admirable result.
So Sexy clearly reveals Daso’s potential producing amazing Deep House. Through bass guitar, piano, voices and drums mixed in a perfect harmony, Daso offers here one of his best B face of a vinyl. Flash Recordings pillar Martin Patiño, whose Italian background has in no way overpowered his intense passion for exploring his Peruvian roots, concludes this release with an hovering and lyrical track.


Till von Sein – “Yeah, that’s the Daso I like… All My People is soooo cool! So Sexy is also really nice… I did the remix too!”
Brothers Vibe – “This is a good package of music from Daso. I’ll be supporting Martin’s remix though.”
Soul Clap – “The Martin Patino mix is sweeeeeet!!!”
Ray Okpara – “The original of All My People is really nice.. best for me. Will play!”
Ralph Lawson – “Good selection of tracks Daso. I like Dan Lyke and So Sexy! Will be playing!”
Dairmount – (Room With A View) – “Daso got his own touch. The kind of stuff that is growing on you…”
The Revenge – “Oh yeah… I am really liking this EP!! Dan Lyke is great.”
Martin Landsky – « Nice ep….deep and atmospheric…i like all tracks here… Will play in my sets. »
Arnaud Le Texier – « Will play Dan Lyke in my next radioshow! Really like the vibe ☺ »
Nick Warren – « Brilliant stuff from Popcorn as always!! All My People is my pick. Great work Daso! »
M A N I K – « Pretty good stuff here from Daso. Always been a fan of his work. So Sexy is for me. Thanks. »
Danny Howells – « All My People is an absolute KILLER!! ☺ »
Hernan Cattaneo – « Very very good stuff from Daso, as always. Dan Lyke is my favourite here.”
Gerd – “GREAT release by a GREAT producer!! ☺”
Alland Byallo – « Daso’s music is always quality. Love it! French No Limit stands out. »
Spencer Parker – « So Sexy is great – will play at Watergate next week, thx!! »
Feygin – « Really hot originals from Daso.. no surprise here.. 10/10! »
Ewan Pearson – « Dan Lyke is GREAT! I really cant wait to test it out. »
Deetron – « All My People is great, I’m a sucker for chords so it’s perfect for me! »
Lele Sacchi – “Daso makes beautiful music all the time and this is no exception. Will support on radio and clubs. Dan Lyke has got a killer bassline, so it’s my fav now.”
Diesel – (X-Press 2/MoS Radio) – “LOVE this release… great work Daso!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Waaaw! This is fantastic! Sounds really cool, maximum support from my show on Ibiza Global Radio.”
Thomas Tuft – (Juice FM UK) – “Diggin Dan Lyke! Martin Patino’s remix of So Sexy works for me, I love this. The French no limit version of All My People will also surely find a place on the show and out!”
Gerome – (Tsugi Magazine France) – “This is nice. Will review!”
Edu – ( – “Excellent and complete package! Really nice beats here Thanks so much.”
Justin Martin – « Beautiful tunes.. Really liking So Sexy. Full support from me guys! »
Death on the Balcony – « So sexy is really really nice! Support from us for sure! »
Nico Lahs – « I love this release!! Amazing! Dan Lyke my fav. »
Adam Port – « So Sexy in the original mix is making the race here for me! Great build up and deepness! »
Jimpster – « Really like the French Version here. Solid track. Gonna try it out. »
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul) – « I always liked Daso’s tracks. This release here is no exception. But what Martin Patino is doing here is outstanding! Looooove this remix! »
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) – « WICKED deepness all the way!! FULL support!!!! »
Anthony Collins – « Really cool and diverse ep. All good but Martin’s remix is my fav track. »
Satoshi Tomiie – « Cool dry drums, good contrast to the wet effects. Nice work Daso. Support from me! »
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – « Nice deep tracks from Daso. I like Martin’s mix very much. Support from me!! »
AFFKT – « This sounds really special! I like all the tracks here. I think Martin Patino’s mix is my fave tho. Very nice! »
Rocco – “Super nice Ep with a great Remix of « So Sexy » by Martin Patino, Super Deep ! « All My People » is Dope!”
Jody Wisternoff – « Martin Patino is the one for me, very delicate and beautiful love it!! »
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – « A truly lovely ep from Daso. Will play them!!! »
DJ Ralf – « Dan Lyke… Such a beautiful sound!! »
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – « Nice ones ! especially luvin’ the deep, smooth flowing atmospheric grooves of So Sexy (Original Mix). »
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – « Martin Patino remix for me! Support!! »
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine / Radio) – « I like the simple but atmospheric feel to the og. Good work all round. »
Sébastien B – (Paris One Radio) – « Nice Ep,full support from Paris One Radio. »
Makossa – (Radio fm4 Vienna) – « Dan Lyke my pick. Totally solid stuff. »
Kev O – (DataTransmission) – « Nice deep EP. So Sexy has a great vibe to it, others are solid as well. »
Rafael – (Faze Magazine Germany) – “Yeah, this is a really sexy release from Daso!!”
Only For DJ’s Magazine France – « I love Dan Lyke’s style ☺ Martin Patino remix is really nice as well. »
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – « Liking All My People but all nice tunes here! »
Tsugi Magazine France – « All My People is a nice one. »
De:Bug Magazine Germany – « Considering for review. »
Ignacio – ( – « Lovin the organic Patino remix! All my people is nice too! thank you. »
Sergio B – ( – « So sexy so sweet Good job Daso! Like always. » – « Dan Lyke sounds good to me! »