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French Connection – Chez Damier, Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander


Artist : Chez Damier, Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander

Title : French Connection

Format : 12'', Digital

Cat.No : PR007 / PRDIG014

Release date : April 7th, 2014

Style : House

Tracks :

A1. Speechless (Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander Original Mix)
B1. Speechless (Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander Original Mix)
A2. Speechless (Chez Damier Play It Again Edit)
B2. Speechless (Chez Damier Rex Club Paris Mix)





Discover Chez Damier :

No need to introduce house legend Chez Damier, the outstanding guest for this special release. After a fruitful collaboration with Siler & Dima on Balance, they look to continue the adventure working on a new and more developed project.

French Connection is the meeting of Chez Damier, his new disciples Siler & Dima and talented new comer Thomas Zander. Orchestrated by Damier’s willingness to transmit and share his unique experience, the team look to create a musical bridge between Popcorn Records and Balance US, Chez Damier’s imprint.

Starting on a mutual musical base each have created an Original and Club version. Popcorn Records presents the fruit of this second collaboration ahead of a special vinyl dedicated to the remixes, to come on Balance.


Raresh – “Play It Again Edit all the way!! As always, pure bliss from Chez! Thanks a lot guys.”
Willie Graff – “Congratulations on the release! Nice tracks all around. « Play It Again Edit » and « Rex Club Paris » mixes are my picks. Look forward to hearing the other mixes on Balance too..”
Brett Johnson – “Damn, hard to pick a favourite! All good for their own reasons!! Something for all occasions!”
Sebo K – “Really cool Rex Club Paris version from Chez Damier!! I’ll be playing!”
Jacques Renault – “This is a killer release, especially the Club Mix. Will be playing this!”
Luca Bacchetti – “Such a classy release from the guys. I LOVE it all!! Playing.”
Johnjon – (Suol) – “Every single mix on here is great!! Club Mix for me!”
Catz ‘n Dogz (Voitek) – “This is a really cool release guys.. The Original mix is cool, will definitely be playing!”
Kiki – “The Speechless Club mix and Chez’s Rex Club Paris mix are both sounding SUPER!!”
Jimpster – “Great release here!! Really into the original mix guys… I’ll be trying this!”
Joel Alter – “Nice release! I like the original and very much the Rex Club Mix. Master of style!!”
Till von Sein – “The Club edit is dope and that Play It Again Edit is pure butter!! Love those solos…”
Rainer Trueby – “Oh yeah! This is such a tasty release!! The original and Chez’s Rex Club Paris mix. Playing!”
Huxley – “NICE release Popcorn!! Rex Club Paris from Chez is definitely the standout.”
Pezzner – “Very nice package here. The original and the Rex Club versions go straight into the DJ Bag!!”
Satoshi Tomiie – “The original mix is the one for me here, loving this bossa nova beats turning into proper house beats with nice rhodes action. Nice!”
Trickski (Yannick) – “FFFFFUCK!!! This is so HUGE that my dick is getting jealous!!!! Love all the mixes and will play them tonight!”
Thaddeus Herrmann – (Radio Fritz, Germany) – “This is great ep!! Will be playing some of these on my show.”
Dave Pianka – (igetrvng) – “The Club mix is a creeper. Great way to get it going. Love it!!”
Tom Breu – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Great track, especially in its original mix!”
AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Really dig the mood on this release. Will be playing the original a lot!”
Bramus D – (Delta FM, Argentina) – “Great job from all involved on this one!!”
Tsugi Magazine, France – “Original is perfectly smooth… thank you so much.”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “WOWWW!! TOP Release!!!”
Andrew W – (Pulse Radio, Australia) – “Chez Damier is such a legend, and this show why. Will review this!”
Andy Daniel – (Defected A&R) – “Anything from Chez is pretty much as good as it gets. Love this!”